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Grounded in Lubbock’s Values
Focused on Lubbock’s Future

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I will work to keep District 3 and Lubbock the best place in Texas to live by: 

  • Keeping Lubbock’s taxes low

  • Lowering Lubbock’s debt

  • Spending taxpayers’ money wisely

  • Prioritizing citizen safety and essential services

  • Supporting our police and firemen

  • Maintaining our streets and critical infrastructure

  • Enforcing our codes

  • Reducing regulations on business

  • Never shutting businesses down again during a pandemic

  • Bringing good businesses with good paying jobs to Lubbock

  • Promoting greater transparency and accountability by the City Council


Growing up in Lubbock and having Godly parents, I know the importance of strong faith and strong families.


My parents formed my belief that all life is sacred and that everyone should be treated fairly and with respect.


I was taught to spend money wisely so that you are able to take care of what is most important first. And, I learned the virtues of small government and personal responsibility.



Even though my race for City Council is uncontested, and I will be your next representative for District 3, I want you to know that your vote is important.


I do not take it for granted.

I hope to earn your vote and also your trust as I serve you, this District and our City.



My wife, Cindy, taught public school for 29 years and now works for the Baptist Student Ministry at Tech. Our children grew up and went to public schools in District 3.


Our daughter Whitney is a dentist, and our son Bryant served his country as a Navy Seal before coming home to Lubbock to work and raise our two grandchildren with his wife, Carmell, who is also a teacher.


We are all Tech graduates and proud Red Raiders.



I grew up and have lived in District 3 for over 50 years. I'm an ordained Baptist minister, starting out as a youth minister. After getting married, I owned and operated a business in District 3.


Later in life, I went to Tech Law School, and I have been a practicing attorney for 20 years as a partner in one of Lubbock’s oldest and most respected law firms, Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam. 



Lubbock Avalanche Journal

Lubbock attorney Mark McBrayer this month announced his candidacy for Judge of the 99th District Court in the March Republican primary.

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Everything Lubbock

Mark grew up in Lubbock, graduated from Texas Tech, got married, and he and his wife, Cindy, raised their two children here. Before going to Tech Law School, Mark served as a youth minister and then owned and operated two Lubbock businesses for 17 years.

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FOX 34 

Early voting for the March Primaries begins February 18th. Watch as FOX 34 interviews Mark McBrayer for a 2020 Preview: 99th District Court Judge.

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After graduating in the top 10% of his law school class, Mark served as a law clerk for Lubbock’s federal judge, Sam Cummings, before going into private practice for the past 14 years. He is a partner with the law firm of Crenshaw, Dupree and Milam.

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