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Early Voting: Monday, June 3 – Tuesday, June 11
Election Day: Saturday, June 15

3521 50th St. #36, Lubbock, TX 79413

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You deserve a REAL CHOICE for Mayor. A Mayor who will lead Lubbock in A NEW DIRECTION. A Mayor who shares your values and who is committed to restoring faith and trust in City government. A Mayor who knows he represents you and not City Hall. I will be YOUR Mayor.

Lubbock’s homeowners, taxpayers and small business owners deserve a Mayor who stands up for what is important to them and is not beholden to special interest groups. A Mayor who respects them and knows the value of their hard-earned tax dollars. A Mayor who is focused on common sense solutions that work for everyone. I will be YOUR Mayor.

If you believe Lubbock needs a NEW DIRECTION at City Hall, then I need your vote to be YOUR Mayor.



Lubbock is my family’s home. I deeply care about it and everyone who calls it home.


Growing up in Lubbock and having godly parents, I know the importance of strong faith and strong families. My parents formed my belief that all life is sacred and that everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. 


My father was a Marine who fought at Iwo Jima. He taught me to honor this nation and respect its laws and those who risk their lives to protect us and to enforce our laws.   


I was taught to spend money wisely so you can take care of what is most important first. And, I learned the virtues of small government and personal responsibility.


  • Keeping Property Taxes Low
    These past few years of inflation and stagnant wages have been hard on household budgets. The City Council is not being responsible to our taxpayers if it ignores this when setting the property tax rate, especially when house appraisals have shot up through the roof. I am the only candidate for Mayor who has voted to not raise your taxes and I will stay committed to that.
  • Public Safety and Reducing Crime
    This must be our priority. It is no secret that drug and gang related crime is making us all feel less safe in our homes and neighborhoods. Our next police chief must have a clear plan for reducing violent crime. Our police and firefighters must have the pay and support they need to keep their ranks filled.
  • Protecting our Neighborhoods
    Our neighborhoods are where we live and raise our families. I have not and will not vote for zoning changes allowing big developers to build projects that disrupt our neighborhoods. And, I will work to improve the quality of our parks and our animal services’ resources for controlling dangerous dogs.
  • Transparency and Accountability
    Restoring faith in our City government requires more than promises. In my time on City Council, I have shown that I fully understand I represent Lubbock’s citizens and taxpayers and not City Hall or special interest groups. I will continue to listen and be open about important issues you should have a say in.
  • Supporting Business
    Business is the City’s lifeblood. Our small businesses are essential and can’t be shut down again. I will make sure Lubbock continues to be an attractive place for starting and growing a business with streamlined permitting and fewer regulations and by maintaining our low cost of living with low property taxes.
  • Improving our Streets and Essential Services
    Streets, sewers and water lines are basic and essential services our citizens depend on. I will make repairing and maintaining them a budget priority over other non-essential services.
  • Water for our Future
    Water is vital to our future. I will work to make sure our planned Canyon Lake 7 stays on the fast track to completion. And, I’ll make sure we focus on bringing low-water consumption businesses to town and continue our highly successful efforts to reduce our residential water consumption.


Cindy and I have been married for 40 years. She taught public school for 29 years and now works for the Baptist Student Ministry at Tech. Our children grew up and went to public schools in Lubbock. 


Our daughter Whitney is a dentist in Lubbock, and our son Bryant served his country as a Navy SEAL before coming home to Lubbock to work and raise our two grandchildren with his wife, Carmell. They are both teachers.

We are all Tech graduates and proud Red Raiders.



I have lived in Lubbock for more than 65 years. I'm an ordained Baptist minister, starting as a youth minister. After getting married, I owned and operated several businesses in Lubbock.

Later in life, I went to Tech Law School, and I have been a practicing attorney for over 20 years at one of Lubbock's oldest and most respected law firms.

I currently represent District 3 on the Lubbock City Council.



Tel: (806) 781-7619

3521 50th St. #36, Lubbock, TX 79413

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